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[Pastor Jin makes extensive use of PowerPoint slides during his preaching – maps, images, photos, etc. which may not translate well when simply listening to the message.]

10.21.18 “Three Examples of Faithful Living” (Mark 2:1-12) (30 min). Returning to the healing of the paralytic (preached from Mt 9 on 08.19.18), Pastor Jin focuses on the faith of the four friends. They show the third example of faithful living.

10.14.18 “When Life Becomes Too Busy” (Mark 1:35-39) (28 min). A short survey of Jesus’ beginning found in Mark chapter 1 with a pause in v.35-39. In the busyness of life where high demands press for our attention, Jesus teaches us how to manage the stress, by taking time away to be alone with God.

10.07.18 “God Walks with Us” (Genesis 2:1-3,7,19-22) (18 min). Celebrating World Communion Sunday with shortened message, Pastor Jin compares the image we have of God in Genesis 1 with a contrasting image found in chapter 2.

09.30.18 “The Creation Story” (Genesis 1:24-28, 31) (28 min). Launching a new 15-month program in reading the Bible together, Pastor Jin begins with the creation story. How are we to understand Genesis 1?

09.23.18 “The Battle Is the Lord’s 2” (1 Samuel 30:1-25) (29 min). Looking at this passage in light of how they reacted to a crisis event, Pastor Jin points to the way David handled it as an example of how we ought to deal with crisis in our own lives.

09.16.18 “The Battle Is the Lord’s” (1 Samuel 30:1-25) (30 min). First of two-part sermon. David and his 600 men find their city destroyed and their families taken by the enemy. They are both grief-stricken and angry. However, they choose to react differently.

09.02.18 “Worried Over 300 Dummies” (Judges 7:1-8) (19 min). Communion Sunday sermon that focuses on Gideon as God instructed him to lessen the number of soldiers instead of adding more. Why is God doing that? And children’s message by Pastor Emily

08.26.18 “Complexity of [Christian] Life” (Job 2:11-13) (22 min). It’s “Blessing the Backpacks” Sunday. Through the study of Job, Pastor Jin reminds us that at times our lives may become messy. And not because we did something wrong. Especially in those times, our eyes should be on God’s eyes rather than on his hands.

08.19.18 “God’s Forgiving Love” (Matthew 9:1-2) (17 min). A shortened sermon for Picnic Sunday, Pastor Jin takes a fresh look at the healing of the paralytic and Jesus’ words to him, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” But he never asked to be forgiven!

08.05.18 “Here Am I, Send Me!” (Isaiah 6:1-8) Pastor’s Missions Report (47 min). As last week’s missions report came from the members with a focus on how the trip changed them, Pastor Jin shares his missions report this Sunday – on how our ministry benefited the locals.

07.29.18 2018 Philippines Missions Report. With an introduction by Pastor Jin, the missions team returned this past week with stories and reflections. Listen to their reflections: Steve, Simone, Andrew, Sarah & Samantha.

07.22.18 “The Father’s Love” (2 Samuel 18:33) (31 min) by Pastor Emily. Recounting the story of David and his son Absalom, and the father’s grieving at the death of his sinful son, Pastor Emily points to our Heavenly Father and his love for us.

07.15.18 “Pride vs. Humility” (Philippians 2:1-8, 1 Peter 5:5-7) (33 min) by Elder Stan Yang. In seeking God’s will for our lives, it’s important to prepare our heart to listen to him. The way to do so is to admit our pride and confess in humility.

07.08.18 “Do I Know My Talents?” (Romans 12:3-8) (40 min) by Elder Giselle Aguila. She points out that we are all given gifts by God, even after the gift of forgiveness of sin and eternal life. What is your specific God-given gift?

07.01.18 “Daily Manna” (Exodus 16:11-22a) (10 min) A shortened Communion Sunday sermon with a question: “Why didn’t God give them enough manna for the week or the month? Why daily?” Pastor Jin connects that with Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.

06.24.18 “Samson & Delilah: Samson’s Deal with God” (Judges 16:1-22) (28 min) In the story of Samson and Delilah, we learn that God wants to make a deal with us like he made with Samson, and even when we fail, God will still be faithful.

06.10.18 “First Things First” (Haggai 1:1-11) (27 min) After the Israelites returned from exile, they were passionate about rebuilding the Temple and worshiping rightly. However, life got busy. Through Haggai, God reminds us to set God as our top priority.

06.03.18 “Worship as God Intended” (Isaiah 1:11-17) (20 min) A shortened message for Communion Sunday, Pastor Jin addresses God’s true intention in commanding his people to set aside a day to come and worship. And children’s message by Pastor Emily.

05.27.18 “What is That in Your Hand?” (Exodus 4:1-3) (32 min) Turning to the OT and the story of Moses, Pastor Jin looks at the two events in Moses’ life (at age 40 & age 80) that reflect his call in life and his relationship with God.

05.20.18 “Holy Spirit in the Church” (Acts 1:4-5,8) (26 min) Celebrating Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Jin reviews the work of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church as found in Acts to celebrate the Spirit’s active work in the churches.

05.13.18 “Building Walls & Rediscovering the Bible” (Ezra 3:10-13; Nehemiah 8:1-10) (33 min) Elder Keith Chu uses his historical knowledge to walk us through the history of God’s people at the time of the exile and return.

05.06.18 “The Lord Looks on the Heart” (1Samuel 16:1-13) (19 min) This shortened sermon observes the tense situation around Samuel & Saul and his visit to Jesse to anoint David. The Lord looks at the heart. And children’s message by Pastor Emily.

04.29.18 “Church Grew in Diversity (Acts 10:1-16) (27 min) It was tough for the Jewish believers to let of their desire to remain uniquely special to God. But the Holy Spirit acted and opened the church to the reality of God’s love for all the people of the world.

04.22.18 “Church Grew in Wisdom (Acts 4:1-7) (31 min) As the church grew in number, so problems arose in response. The opposition by the Jewish leaders was expected, but internal problems surprised the church. There is an important lesson for us today.

04.15.18 “Church Grew in Number” (Acts 2:37-47) (26 min) 3,000 people came to Christ after the first sermon by Peter! How is that possible from a guy who deserted Jesus 50 days earlier? Pastor Jin looks at how learning about the gospel changed him and the others.

04.08.18 “Following Jesus in Two Parts” (Acts 1:6-9) (28 min) Post resurrection was followed by a period of transition for his followers who were filled with a variety of mixed emotions. Jesus stayed 40 more days to address those concerns and to direct them towards their work.

04.01.18 “Believe the Resurrection!” (Matthew 28:1-10) (17 min) Easter Sunday shortened message that declares the importance of resurrection as it relates to our faith & hope. “Christ, He is risen!” “Indeed, He is risen!” Children’s message by Pastor Emily.

03.30.18 “I am Thirsty” (John 19:28) (9 min) 3 short sermons from our Good Friday worship (the last 3 sayings of Jesus on the cross). Other two: “I Commit My Spirit” (Luke 23:46) (7 min) by Pastor Emily, and “It is Finished” (John 19:28) (12 min) by Pastor Jin.

03.25.18 “This is Grace” (Matthew 26:26-28; 21:8-9) (24 min) Continuing from last sermon, even though Jesus knew his disciples would desert him, he served them the Last Supper. Same thing for Palm Sunday. Why did he do it? It’s grace – undeserved love. It leads to a teaching on Christian forgiveness.

03.18.18 “Checking Our Confidence” (Matthew 26:17-23) (26 min) The disciples were confident in their commitment and faith, but in face of fear, they ran away from Jesus. We must also check out own confidence and ask ourselves, do we have the fruit of the Spirit in us? And is our faith active?

03.11.18 “For Serious Followers of Jesus” (Matthew 8:19-22) (30 min) During Lent Season, as we follow Jesus to the cross, know that there are two types of following: Following for self-gain, and following for Christ and for others-gain.

03.04.18 “God With Us” (Proverbs 3:5-6) (26 min) Pastor Jin shares a personal story of divine intrusion that connected him with a friend from 31 years ago. Also, children’s message by Pastor Emily.

02.25.18 “Come to Jesus” 2 (Matthew 11:28-30) (26 min) The continuation of last week’s sermon, the call of Jesus to “come to me” comes at a shift in his ministry when he is calling people to move from spectating to joining, to accepting him as their Lord & Savior.

02.18.18 “Come to Jesus” (Matthew 11:28-30) (6 min) In this shortened sermon, a video was shown as an introduction of two part sermon: Scott Hamilton’s testimony on I Am Second. The video is powerful testament to one who came to Jesus.

02.11.18 “Centurion’s Great Faith” (Matthew 8:5-13) (32 min) What was it about the centurion’s faith that was so great? Pastor Jin highlights 3 important lessons for us so that we can live lives of faith daily.

02.04.18 “Serving Jesus” (Matthew 8:14-16) (16 min) Shorter message for communion Sunday, the third healing in Matthew 8 was for Peter’s mother-in-law who got up quickly to serve Jesus. That’s the proper response. Children’s message by Pastor Emily.

01.28.18 “Learning from the Leper (Matthew 8:1-4) (25 min) After the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus encounters 3 people in need. And with the crowd watching, Jesus reveals himself through them. The leper came, “Lord, if you choose, you can make me clean.”

01.21.18 “Christianity 101” (Matthew 5:1-10) (33 min) Surrounded by a large crowd of believers and seekers, Jesus began his teaching on the basics of Christianity: What are the benefits, what does a Christian look like, and what they ought to expect.

01.14.18 “Poor Widow’s Kind Heart (1Kings 17:8-16) (27 min) Pastor Jin looks at the encounter between prophet Elijah and the poor widow during a time of famine, a divine punishment due to King Ahab’s sins. Three important lessons are gleaned from the story.

01.07.18 “Wise Living in 2018” (1Kings 3:1-13) (28 min) The new year ought to begin with wisdom. And so don’t like like King Solomon! Two truths: 1) our God comes to all of us to love and to bless, and 2) learn from King Solomon’s mistakes to live differently.

12.31.17 “Giving God a Kiss” (Psalm 85:10-11) (17 min) New Year’s Eve Communion worship, a short sermon to challenges us to strive for greater intimacy with God in 2018. Pastor Emily’s children’s message here.

12.24.17 “Joy of Sharing” (Luke 2:8-18) (13 min) In this joint worship to celebrate both Christmas Eve & Confirmation, this shortened message celebrates the joy of sharing Jesus. Pastor Emily preaches to children and to youths.

12.17.17 “Three Expressions of Love” (Luke 2:1-7, 15-20) (28 min) Christmas is about love. Namely, it’s about God’s love toward us, it’s Joseph’s love toward his wife, and it’s about Mary’s devoted love toward her God.

12.10.17 “Seeking Peace in Difficult Times” (Habakkuk 1:1-4) (20 min) In this Advent Season, we look to Jesus for peace. Prophet Habakkuk’s time was similar to ours when he asked, “where is God in all of this mess?” God’s response comforts us today.

12.03.17 – “Actively Waiting” (Luke 15:11-20) (9 min) The parable of the prodigal son has been preached in a variety of ways. Pastor Jin focuses on the father’s waiting for his son’s return and how God does it better in Jesus Christ. Children’s message by Pastor Emily.

11.26.17 – “Doing Great Things for God” (2 Samuel 7:1-11) (26 min) After David rested from his kingdom building, he wanted to build a Temple for God. But God rejected it. And God scolded his servant Nathan for failing to represent God well. A lot of teaching here!

11.19.17 – “Benefits of Giving Thanks” (Luke 17:11-19) (25 min) In this Thanksgiving Sunday message, Pastor Jin looks at the healing of the 10 lepers and specifically, their reactions. What can we learn from the 9 as well as the on that returned?

11.12.17 – “Gospel of Grace: How Does the Gospel Transform Us?” (Romans 3:22b-25) (26 min) The Great Commission is our work, and the Holy Spirit is our teacher and power. But where comes our motivation? Our motivation must always be gratitude.

11.05.17 – “Gospel of Grace: What’s God’s Solution?” (Romans 3:22b-25) (17 min) Communion Sunday message, Pastor Jin asks, “Why did Jesus come to us?” Also a children’s message by Pastor Emily.

10.29.17 – “Gospel of Grace: What’s Our Problem? (Romans 3:22b-25) (29 min) The first of a three-part sermon on the true Gospel. Our Romans text is a definitive passage on this subject – Paul begins with the definition of our problem that must be solved.

10.22.17 – “What Does God Want of Me?” (1Kings 19:11-18) (28 min) Pastor Jin shares an insight he gained from an encounter with a German couple. We like to call the shots on God, but God turns the table on Elijah, and challenges us to learn from this encounter.

10.15.17 – “In Our Journey Through Doubts” (Luke 24:13-32) (40 min) Pastor Emily looks at post-resurrection state of mind in the disciples and followers of Jesus before they encounter Jesus. She focuses on the story of the two on the road to Emmaus.

10.08.17 – “Taming the Tongue” (James 3:1-12) (33 min) Sermon by Elder Giselle Aguila, Giselle bring her experience as a teacher to our text today to instruct us on how the tongue can be used for evil, but also for good.

10.01.17 – “Are You on God’s Side? (Joshua 5:13-15) (23 min) We always want God to be on our side and meet our needs and demands. However, God stops us to ask a serious question, “Are you on MY side?” Also a Children’s message  by Pastor Emily.

09.17.17 – “Passing Down Faith” (Judges 2:6-12) (28 min) In celebration of Move Up Sunday, the sermon challenges the people to pass down their faith to the next generation by 1) modeling faith, and 2) being intentional about passing down that faith.

09.03.17 – “Rejoicing in Jail” (Philippians 4:4-9) (20 min) Pastor Jin turns to a famous verse, “Rejoice in the Lord always!” Joyful living is 1) not worrying about anything; 2) filling your mind with good thoughts; and 3) Filling your life with good actions.

08.27.17 – “Living the True Gospel” (Philippians 3:8-10) (30 min) Paul suffered much for being an apostle of Jesus Christ, both from outside and inside the church. However, he never gave up since he discovered the true gospel found in Jesus Christ’s suffering death.

08.20.17 – “Full Repentance, Not Partial” (Psalm 51:4) (26 min) White Supremacists gathered in the public recently. Pastor Jin offers a biblical response. But first, he turns to David’s repentance in Psalm 51 and calls it a partial repentance and not a full one.

08.13.17 – “Living Worthy Lives” (Colossians 1:9-10) (26 min) “How Now Shall I Live?” is a question for all new Christians. Our new life reflects the high value of Jesus. He is worth changing our life for, from living for ourselves, to living for God and others.

08.06.17 – “Privilege of Prayer” (Ephesians 6:18-20) (22 min) A new sermon series “How Now Shall I Live?” about living as a Christian based on Paul’s letters. Prayer is first. Also a children’s message by Pastor Emily. And a testimonial by Andrew Chu.

07.30.17 – “Following God Successfully” (Numbers 9:15-23) (36 min) The final sermon on Numbers, the Tabernacle. Pastor Jin begins with a summary of the series thus far, and then asks, why did they follow the pillar of cloud?

07.23.17 – “Praying Together” (2 Corinthians 1:8-11) (27 min) Paul began his letter to the Corinthians with a well-deserved compliment – he thanked them for praying with him during his most difficult time. he felt their prayers and was blessed by them.

07.16.17 – “Touching Jesus” (Luke 8:40-48) (26 min) Pastor Jin turns to a well-known story of the woman who bled for 12 long years coming to Jesus to be healed. She came to touch, armed with faith. And Jesus made one request in return – testify to all.

07.09.17 – “At the Front of the Tabernacle” (Numbers 28-29) (27 min) Fourth sermon Numbers, Pastor Jin looks at the Altar of Sacrifice in the Tabernacle and the extensive and costly requirement by God for those who come seeking audience with God.

07.02.17 – “Someone is Praying for You” (Deuteronomy 9:1-7, 18-20, 25-26) (23 min) This shorter sermon looks at Moses’ last words to the stiff-necked Israelites. Why is God so good to them? Moses tells them that he’s the reason. He’s been praying for them.

06.25.17 – “Manna was Bland” (Numbers 11:4-121) (32 min) Third part on Numbers, we turn to the manna, grain from heaven. The excitement is gone after 39 years of the same thing and, in truth, manna wasn’t very good. People and Moses complained against God.

06.18.17 – “Testing of the 12 Spy Leaders” (Numbers 13:1-2, 17-20, 25-31) (31 min) It took the Israelites 40 years to finally arrive at the Promised Land. Why did it take them so long? Here’s the real story about the 12 Spy Leaders.

06.11.17 – “From Mouth of Donkey?” (Numbers 22:22-31) (30 min) Pastor Jin begins a loose series in Numbers. He kicks off with a funny story of Balaam and his donkey. From it, three important points are addressed that speak vital truths for us today.

06.04.17 – “Holy Spirit and Philip” (Acts 8:29-35) (29 min) Pentecost Sunday sermon. Through Philip’s ministry under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we learn that the Spirit fully active in all the people. Also a children’s message by Pastor Emily.

05.21.17 – “Wonderful Ministry Together” (Ephesians 6:21-22) (31 min) Rev. Justin Choi turns to an unfamiliar coworker of Paul, Tychicus and his faithful partnership with Paul. And he shares from his heart after church planting for the last six years.

05.14.17 – “A Missionary’s Reflection on the Feeding of the 5,000” (John 6:1-15) (27 min) Dr. Bob Shim, missionary to Thailand, looks at the oft-preached Jesus’ miracle of feeding the 5,000 to offer a missionary’s perspective.

05.07.17 – “God’s Love for Us – Part II” (Hosea 11:1-12) (20 min) Sermon by Pastor Emily, as the first part of Hosea focuses on God’s relationship with his people as husband and wife, here, the image is father and child.

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