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[Pastor Jin makes extensive use of PowerPoint slides during his preaching – maps, images, photos, etc. which may not translate well when simply listening to the message.]

08.11.19 “Adopted God’s Children” (Romans 8:15-17, 31-39) (29 min). Pastor Jin compares the two terms used for salvation by Jesus and Paul. Jesus called it, “Born Again” but Paul called it, “Adoption.”

08.04.19 “Knowing What’s Valuable” (Luke 12:13-21) (14 min). Rev. Barbara Smith asks an important question: What’s most important — what you have, or to whom you belong? Also, children’s message on this Communion Sunday.

07.28.19 “Images of God’s Love (Hosea 11:1-4) (33 min). Chapter 11 of Hosea is a turning point to God’s decision. Before, God was set on moving on from Israel. He was no longer going to love her. However, he changes in mind in this chapter. Why?

07.21.19 “Gospel in Clay Jars” (2 Corinthians 4:3-7) (26 min). The phrase is, “we have this treasure in jars of clay” – the treasure is the gospel, and the jars of clay are the people who are tasked with proclaiming the valuable gospel.

07.14.19 “God Approved Worship” (Amos 4:4-5) (30 min). Pastor Jin adds to the definition of worship as he looks at the critical words God spoke to those who came to worship him. We want to worship God in a way that pleases him.

06.23.19 “How Do Christians Deal with Problems?” (Acts 16:6-10; 17:10-13) (32 min). We all have problems. However, we are different in the way we approach them. The secular world begins with the problem. We begin with God. And in prayer, we invite God to help us deal with it. It’s an important message on the reasons God gives us our problems.

06.16.19 “Standing Firm” (1Peter 5:6-11) (21 min). Missionary Grace Shim shares from her therapist perspective on an important message to those who suffer — stand firm! Also missions report by Bob & Grace Shim. Here’s the Cornerstone Video.

06.09.19 “Iron Sharpens Iron” (Proverbs 1:1-7; 27:17) (27 min). A teaching on the Book of Proverbs — it’s authors, it’s setting, and the themes that includes remembering God in our lives, and having good friends.

06.02.19 “Paul’s Surprising Conversion” (Acts 9:1-16) (22 min). Paul’s conversion story is exciting because we learn the extent of God’s love in saving a man who was filled with arrogance and hate. Jesus died for him as well.

05.19.19 “Time to Work & Time to Rest” (1 Kings 8:6-11) (26 min). It’s the opening day of the Solomon’s Temple. As the Ark of the Covenant was placed inside the Holy of Holies, a supernatural cloud covered the whole Temple and caused everyone to stop and kneel down.

05.12.19 “Good Mothers Reflect God” (1 Kings 3:16-28) (28 min). King Solomon’s wisdom came out of his relationship with his loving mother. Pastor Jin delves into what it means for God to love us, and Jesus’ role in clearly defining that for us in his coming and dying.

05.05.19 “God Will Build Us a Home” (1 Chronicles 17:1-12) (16 min). Shortened Communion Sunday message, Pastor Jin looks at David’s desire to build God a Temple and the odd rejection by his God. Why did David want to build a Temple, and why did God refuse?

04.28.19 Medical Missions Report (18 min) by Dr. Lisa Park. She and her daughter, Jessica returned from a recent medical missions to Morocco. She explains what they did there, and a story of how God worked out a situation for a young woman’s sight!

04.21.19 “Living in the Resurrection” (1 Peter 1:3-9) (13 min). Shortened Easter Communion worship, 1 Peter invites us to focus our living on the resurrection of our Lord — with indescribable joy — even through trials of life. Children’s Message by Emily here.

04.14.19 “Alone At the Cross” (Mark 15:15-39) (28 min). During Palm Sunday, Pastor Jin looks at Jesus’ last hours from his arrest to his death on the cross. It was all for love. Even as he hung alone at the cross.

04.07.19 “God Only Needed One Stone” (1 Samuel 17:32-40) (15 min). David had faith to challenge Goliath, but he picked up five stones when only one was needed. It showed that his faith wasn’t complete. Children’s Message by Emily here.

03.31.19 “Jesus Barabbas or Jesus Christ?” (Matthew 27:15-26) (33 min). Pontius Pilate investigates Jesus the one called the Messiah and deems him innocent. But wanting to deflect his role in setting him free, he invites the crowd to choose. And he’s shocked at their choice!

03.24.19 “Turn to God in Times of Need (Ruth 1:1-5) (30 min). While Ruth and Naomi have been preached often, the real problem for them began when Elimelech decided to leave God’s Promised Land in search for bread. He should have turned to God.

03.17.19 “When Jesus is Gone” (John 17:1-19) (41 min). One of Pastor Jin’s longer sermons that is full of teaching on Jesus and especially the motif of being sent: Father sent the Son; Son sent the Disciples and the Church.

03.10.19 “Gideon and the 300” (Judges 7:1-8) (27 min). The famous story of God choosing to use 300 of the most unqualified dummies to defeat the mighty Midianite army of 135,000. What is God teaching us by using them instead of the mighty warriors of Israel? You can watch the video referred to in the sermon here.

03.03.19 “Know God and Trust Him” (John 14:1-11) (16 min). Shortened Communion sermon where Jesus encouraged his disciples who lacked the overcoming faith. Greater faith comes by knowing Jesus better and trusting him more.

02.24.19 “Behaving Out of Character” (Mark 14:1-11) (32 min). Two stories are sandwiched together – Jewish leaders plot to take down Jesus and kill him, and Jesus is anointed by a woman with very expensive perfume. In both stories, they are behaving out of character…

02.17.19 “Living a Life of Love” (Mark 12:28-34) (25 min). Pastor Jin compares and contrasts this Great Commandment story with one found in Luke 10. And then he explains why Jesus’ teaching was so extraordinary.

02.10.19 “Rahab in Our Lives” (Joshua 2:1-11) (30 min). With Joshua now leading Israel into the Promised Land, he repeats the sending of the spies as Moses had done 38 years before. But there is a different outcome. Rehab, an unrepentant prostitute is used by God to infuse the spies with faith.

01.27.19 “Remember & Pass On” (Deuteronomy 4:9) (35 min). Finding themselves back at the border to the Promised Land, Moses wants the Israelites to do it right this time. Remember what God has done, and pass on their faith to the next generation.

01.20.19 “Can You See Anything?” (Mark 8:22-26) (30 min). It’s an odd miracle only found in Mark. In this healing of the blind man, Jesus had to touch him twice before he could see fully. What does that mean for us?

01.13.19 “Ministry of the Holy Spirit” (Numbers 11:10-18) (27 min). Numbers 11 recounts the installation of 70 leaders to help with Moses in leading his people. They were empowered with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Jin shares what that is in the midst of worship.

01.06.19 “2019: Living with Jesus in My Boat” (John 6:16-21) & “Year of Intercession” (Exodus 32:11-14) (25 min). First worship of the new year, Pastor Jin makes two important points using two passages in the Bible. Also children’s message by Emily.

12.30.18 “Grading Our 2018” (John 6:1-13) (28 min). The last Sunday of 2018, Pastor Jin looks at the miracle feeding of the 5,000 where Jesus tests his disciples. How did they do? And how did we do in 2018 with divine tests in our lives?

12.24.18 “Christmas is for the Tax Collectors of the World” (Luke 18:9-14) (23 min). A Christmas Eve Service Message about how we must approach the Christ Child – not with an attitude of the Pharisee in the parable, but with a heart of the Tax Collector.

12.23.18 “The Old Christmas Story” (Luke 2:1-20) (18 min). A shortened communion sermon on Christmas Sunday, Pastor Jin reads together the birth story of Jesus from Luke 2 with historical and theological perspective.

12.16.18 “Living Shrewdly as Children of Light” (Luke 16:1-8) (31 min). Once we remove our cultural bias, we learn from the parable of the dishonest manager that we must actively live differently because we are a changed people, new creation, children of light.

12.09.18 “Mending Broken Relationships” (Genesis 45:1-9) (30 min). Pastor Jin looks at the encounter between Joseph and his brothers in which Joseph forgives them. We learn two things from Joseph, and one more from Jesus.

12.02.18 “Purpose and Power of Hope” (Psalm 25:1-10) (32 min). Allegra Hoots, guest speaking. We begin the Advent season with a message about hope. With the coming of Jesus into our world, hope in God was realized and released to us.

11.25.18 “Glorious Ending” (Matthew 13:24-30) (25 min). Some futurists trouble us with warnings about the end of the world. We don’t need to let that worry us because the end will come and it will be glorious.

11.18.18 “Bethany Thanks” (Genesis 28:16-17) (16 min). Thanksgiving Sunday with Baptism & Confirmation, this shortened sermon looks at Jacob who realized the sacredness of his surrounding because God is with him. Children’s message by Emily.

11.11.18 “Father’s Day Sermon in November (Genesis 27:24-29) (20 min). We turn to the tragic story of a son deceiving his father to receive a father’s blessing. It’s tragic because Isaac could have done better to shower his son with his attention and love. (apology for some audio issue)

11.04.18 “Apply the Truth Into Our Lives” (Mark 4:1-8) (22 min). Shortened Communion sermon that focus on the Parable of the Sower and the four types of soil. It’s an important insight that needs to be applied into our daily lives.

10.28.18 “Waiting For God” (Genesis 15:1-6) (26 min). Abram followed God because of the promise he received, that he would soon be a father. But it’s been 10 years and nothing. It’s hard to wait for God. (an apology for a short audio issue at 4 min mark)

10.21.18 “Three Examples of Faithful Living” (Mark 2:1-12) (30 min). Returning to the healing of the paralytic (preached from Mt 9 on 08.19.18), Pastor Jin focuses on the faith of the four friends. They show the third example of faithful living.

10.14.18 “When Life Becomes Too Busy” (Mark 1:35-39) (28 min). A short survey of Jesus’ beginning found in Mark chapter 1 with a pause in v.35-39. In the busyness of life where high demands press for our attention, Jesus teaches us how to manage the stress, by taking time away to be alone with God.

10.07.18 “God Walks with Us” (Genesis 2:1-3,7,19-22) (18 min). Celebrating World Communion Sunday with shortened message, Pastor Jin compares the image we have of God in Genesis 1 with a contrasting image found in chapter 2.

09.30.18 “The Creation Story” (Genesis 1:24-28, 31) (28 min). Launching a new 15-month program in reading the Bible together, Pastor Jin begins with the creation story. How are we to understand Genesis 1?

09.23.18 “The Battle Is the Lord’s 2” (1 Samuel 30:1-25) (29 min). Looking at this passage in light of how they reacted to a crisis event, Pastor Jin points to the way David handled it as an example of how we ought to deal with crisis in our own lives.

09.16.18 “The Battle Is the Lord’s” (1 Samuel 30:1-25) (30 min). First of two-part sermon. David and his 600 men find their city destroyed and their families taken by the enemy. They are both grief-stricken and angry. However, they choose to react differently.

09.02.18 “Worried Over 300 Dummies” (Judges 7:1-8) (19 min). Communion Sunday sermon that focuses on Gideon as God instructed him to lessen the number of soldiers instead of adding more. Why is God doing that? And children’s message by Emily

08.26.18 “Complexity of [Christian] Life” (Job 2:11-13) (22 min). It’s “Blessing the Backpacks” Sunday. Through the study of Job, Pastor Jin reminds us that at times our lives may become messy. And not because we did something wrong. Especially in those times, our eyes should be on God’s eyes rather than on his hands.

08.19.18 “God’s Forgiving Love” (Matthew 9:1-2) (17 min). A shortened sermon for Picnic Sunday, Pastor Jin takes a fresh look at the healing of the paralytic and Jesus’ words to him, “Son, your sins are forgiven.” But he never asked to be forgiven!

08.05.18 “Here Am I, Send Me!” (Isaiah 6:1-8) Pastor’s Missions Report (47 min). As last week’s missions report came from the members with a focus on how the trip changed them, Pastor Jin shares his missions report this Sunday – on how our ministry benefited the locals.

07.29.18 2018 Philippines Missions Report. With an introduction by Pastor Jin, the missions team returned this past week with stories and reflections. Listen to their reflections: Steve, Simone, Andrew, Sarah & Samantha.

07.22.18 “The Father’s Love” (2 Samuel 18:33) (31 min) by Pastor Emily. Recounting the story of David and his son Absalom, and the father’s grieving at the death of his sinful son, Pastor Emily points to our Heavenly Father and his love for us.

07.15.18 “Pride vs. Humility” (Philippians 2:1-8, 1 Peter 5:5-7) (33 min) by Elder Stan Yang. In seeking God’s will for our lives, it’s important to prepare our heart to listen to him. The way to do so is to admit our pride and confess in humility.

07.08.18 “Do I Know My Talents?” (Romans 12:3-8) (40 min) by Elder Giselle Aguila. She points out that we are all given gifts by God, even after the gift of forgiveness of sin and eternal life. What is your specific God-given gift?

07.01.18 “Daily Manna” (Exodus 16:11-22a) (10 min) A shortened Communion Sunday sermon with a question: “Why didn’t God give them enough manna for the week or the month? Why daily?” Pastor Jin connects that with Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s Prayer.

06.24.18 “Samson & Delilah: Samson’s Deal with God” (Judges 16:1-22) (28 min) In the story of Samson and Delilah, we learn that God wants to make a deal with us like he made with Samson, and even when we fail, God will still be faithful.

06.10.18 “First Things First” (Haggai 1:1-11) (27 min) After the Israelites returned from exile, they were passionate about rebuilding the Temple and worshiping rightly. However, life got busy. Through Haggai, God reminds us to set God as our top priority.

06.03.18 “Worship as God Intended” (Isaiah 1:11-17) (20 min) A shortened message for Communion Sunday, Pastor Jin addresses God’s true intention in commanding his people to set aside a day to come and worship. And children’s message by Emily.

05.27.18 “What is That in Your Hand?” (Exodus 4:1-3) (32 min) Turning to the OT and the story of Moses, Pastor Jin looks at the two events in Moses’ life (at age 40 & age 80) that reflect his call in life and his relationship with God.

05.20.18 “Holy Spirit in the Church” (Acts 1:4-5,8) (26 min) Celebrating Pentecost Sunday, Pastor Jin reviews the work of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church as found in Acts to celebrate the Spirit’s active work in the churches.

05.13.18 “Building Walls & Rediscovering the Bible” (Ezra 3:10-13; Nehemiah 8:1-10) (33 min) Elder Keith Chu uses his historical knowledge to walk us through the history of God’s people at the time of the exile and return.

05.06.18 “The Lord Looks on the Heart” (1Samuel 16:1-13) (19 min) This shortened sermon observes the tense situation around Samuel & Saul and his visit to Jesse to anoint David. The Lord looks at the heart. And children’s message by Pastor Emily.

04.29.18 “Church Grew in Diversity (Acts 10:1-16) (27 min) It was tough for the Jewish believers to let of their desire to remain uniquely special to God. But the Holy Spirit acted and opened the church to the reality of God’s love for all the people of the world.

04.22.18 “Church Grew in Wisdom (Acts 4:1-7) (31 min) As the church grew in number, so problems arose in response. The opposition by the Jewish leaders was expected, but internal problems surprised the church. There is an important lesson for us today.

04.15.18 “Church Grew in Number” (Acts 2:37-47) (26 min) 3,000 people came to Christ after the first sermon by Peter! How is that possible from a guy who deserted Jesus 50 days earlier? Pastor Jin looks at how learning about the gospel changed him and the others.

04.08.18 “Following Jesus in Two Parts” (Acts 1:6-9) (28 min) Post resurrection was followed by a period of transition for his followers who were filled with a variety of mixed emotions. Jesus stayed 40 more days to address those concerns and to direct them towards their work.

04.01.18 “Believe the Resurrection!” (Matthew 28:1-10) (17 min) Easter Sunday shortened message that declares the importance of resurrection as it relates to our faith & hope. “Christ, He is risen!” “Indeed, He is risen!” Children’s message by Emily.

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