Supporting Missions

Vision Care USA

Vision Care USA was introduced to us by Dr. Lisa Park as she partners with them on providing vision for the poorest all around the world. We are happy to support this very important work run with Christian spirit.

World Vision Children

We have, for many years, supported the work of World Vision through the sponsoring of children in poverty stricken nations.

Ntoetsi Hilda T. lives with her mother and one brother in the poor area of Lesotho (40% of the population live under the UN poverty line of $1.25/day). Try finding this small country on the African map! Her mother is a factory worker and struggles to provide for her two children. Their community is devastated by HIV and AIDS. A typical family lives in mud and brick home with tin roofs. Our $26/month goes to support her as well as some of the programs that World Vision is engaged in with that community.

Hariji Sunil 2018

Hariji S. is our youngest support. He lives in India with his parents where his father works as a daily wage earner. Most of the people in his village are farmers who are hired out to work at other people’s fields. The thing Hariji likes most about our sponsorship is that he is able to join the World Vision program in his community and participate in the various organized games and learning. Hariji wants to become a police officer when he grows up.

Gezahegn 17

Gezahegn E. lives with his parents and two sisters. In Ethiopia, they live in a rural community where his father works as a farmer. Their community has been severely affected by the HIV and AIDS crisis and so the children live with fear. He attends primary school and helps the family by caring for the animals. He attends his local church and wants to become a doctor.

Operation Christmas Child

We have been annual participants in the work of Samaritan Purse and their Operation Christmas Child (OCC). They partner with missionaries and Christian organizations around the world to bring the love of Jesus Christ to the children through Christmas shoe box gifts that we prepare. Beginning late October, our members and our children begin gathering small items to place in the decorated shoe boxes and in second Sunday of November, we collect them, pray for them, and then send them out.

We kick off our OCC collection drive on October!

Hana Mission

Along with serving at their breakfast ministry on a monthly basis, we support Hana Mission several times every year.

During Christmas, we fundraise through our Christmas Lighting Event bake sale. And during our Blessing of the Backpack event in late August, we provide school supplies for their After-School Program for the Paterson children.

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