Small Group Ministry


At Bethany, we believe that attending worship and sharing a meal together on Sundays is vital for anchoring your faith to Christ. However, to live a balanced and joyful life God intends for his children, there needs to be a daily walk with God through the discipline of reading God’s Word, connecting with Him in prayer, and loving others through good deeds and gospel sharing. This is not easy when done alone. And that is why we have small groups.

Meeting together at homes, every two or three weeks, our small groups are designed to encourage the living out of faith. We share our lives with each other, the good and the bad and the ugly, and we pray for one another. Never judgmental, always loving and embracing. We encourage our visitors to meet us in Sunday worship, and then inquire about joining one of our groups!

If you want more information about our small groups, please contact Pastor Jin Bae.

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