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[Pastor Jin makes extensive use of PowerPoint slides during his preaching – maps, images, photos, etc. which may not translate well when simply listening to the message.]

09.20.20 “Don’t Be Afraid” (Mark 4:35-41) (20 min). Worship in Zoom: Video & Audio. Our choir sings, “On Eagle’s Wings.” Our new youth pastor, Keion Jackson shared God’s Word with a challenge of hope, that our Lord Jesus is with us and on top of it all.

09.13.20 “Standing at the Crossroads” (Jeremiah 6:16) (25 min). Worship in Zoom: Video & Audio. Our choir sings, “Give Thanks.” We have special guest speakers, Bob & Grace Shim speaking from their hearts about the latest life changes as they stood at the crossroad. They stood, looked, asked and walked with Jesus.

09.06.20 “Parables in Luke: We Love Jesus! Yes We Do!” (Luke 7:36-50) (13 min). Worship in Zoom: Video & Audio. Our choir sings, “Standing in the Light of Love.” Communion sermon focusing on the act of the sinful woman who barged into a dinner gathering to weep at Jesus’ feet. It was an expression of great gratitude.

08.30.20 “Parables in Luke: Look at the Size of My Barn!” & “Living on a Rock” (Luke 12:13-21; 6:46-49) (16 min). Worship in Zoom: Video & Audio. Our choir sings, “Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee.” Two short sermons are given highlighting the manner in which we live our Christian lives. We are commanded to live generously and in obedience to God’s Word.

08.23.20 “Parables in Luke: Who Me Worry? (Luke 12:22-32; 13:18-21) (21 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. Our choir sings, “Be Thou My Vision.” Two short sermons on giving our worries to our God who is more than able to take care of them. God’s got this!

08.16.20 “Parables in Luke: ASK Your Father” (Luke 11:5-13) (22 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. Our choir sings, “Great Is Thy Faithfulness.” There are really two types of prayers: silent & audible prayers. We pray in silence to center ourselves to God, and we pray audibly to pray for needs. We ask, search, and knock.

08.09.20 “Parables in Luke: Repentant & Persistent Prayer” (Luke 18:1-14) (26 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. Our choir sings, “Seek Ye First.” After the first main section of this series, Pastor Jin turns to the second section on prayer. Pray to repent and pray persistently.

08.02.20 “Parables in Luke: And Who is My Neighbor?” (Luke 10:25-37) (31 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. See our choir sing, “Let Us Break Bread Together.” Guest Speaker, Dr. Alex Jun looks at the Good Samaritan in light of the race and discrimination issues facing our nation today. Watch the short Q&A held after worship.

07.26.20 “Parables in Luke: Joyful Service” (Luke 19:11-27) (27 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. See our choir sing, “Thrive.” The Parable of the Minas speaks about God’s equal love for all, his gift to us in the Holy Spirit, and our call to serve with joy.

07.19.20 “Parables in Luke: New Wine for All” (Luke 5:36-39; 8:4-8) (26 min). Worship in Zoom & Audio. See our choir sing, “Change My Heart, O God.” Three parables are connected: New Wine, New Garment & Sower scattering the Seed. What’s the connection?

07.12.20 “Parables in Luke: The Gospel’s Narrow Door” (Luke 13:22-30) (24 min). Worship in Zoom & audio. See our choir sing, “Only by Grace” & “God Be With You.” We begin a new series with a basic teaching about Salvation. But it’s not so basic!

07.05.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Jonathan Rejected His Privilege” (1Samuel 18:1-9) (21 min). Worship in Zoom & audio. See our choir sing, “I Surrender All” & “God Be With You.” Communion Sunday shortened sermon focusing on Jonathan’s desire to pursue God’s will and his work rather than his own agenda.

06.28.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Bartimaeus Defeated Discouragement” (Mark 10:46-52) (29 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing, “O Gentle Savior.” The healing of blind Bartimaeus teaches us the greater truth about the New Covenant given us to through Jesus Christ.

06.21.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Jacob Wrestled with God for Family Blessing” (Genesis 32:22-31) (26 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir with children sing “Good Good Father.” Father’s Day Sunday, Jacob was selfish but then he got married and had children. Now, as a husband and father, he sought a greater blessing by God, and he wrestled him for it.

06.14.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Josiah Broke the Generational Chain” (2 Kings 22:1-11) (22 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone).” Young kind Josiah has much to teach us about boldness. However, he learned it from spiritual leaders around him. It’s a challenge to help raise our children in faith.

06.07.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Barnabas Protected & Encouraged” (Acts 15:36-41) (12 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing “Lord, I Lift Up Your Name on High.” Special: Dan Koh’s Elder Prayer Video, Youth & Adults Praise & Video: “What Bethany Means to Me.” It’s a special Homecoming Sunday at Bethany with Communion. Barnabas represents Bethany in our encouraging, family atmosphere.

05.31.20 “Iron Men of Faith: Peter Fought Off Failure” (Luke 24:1-12) (22 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing “Trust in You.” We begin a new sermon series with Peter. His failure was without excuse. However, he was bold to restore his relationship with Jesus through repentance.

05.24.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Mary” (John 12:1-8) (26 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing “I Give My Life.” This sermon concludes an important series on truly wonder women of faith. Perhaps Mary that washed the feet of Jesus highlights the value of women in God’s eyes.

05.17.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Deborah” (Judges 4:4-6, 14-16) (30 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our choir sing “The Prayer.” Women as pastors and elders? Is Deborah an exception, or was she simply exceptional? Pastor Jin teaching on the topic of women in leadership.

05.10.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Canaanite Woman” (Matthew 15:21-28) (24 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video & audio. And see our children & adult choir sing “Thank You Mom & Thank You Lord.” The Canaanite Woman’s boldness before Jesus, and Jesus’ plan to expose the loveless attitude of his disciples, and us. It’s all there! Happy Mother’s Day!

And our Mother’s Day Project is here on INSTAGRAM/EPICHAIKUS.

05.03.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Esther (Esther 4:9-16) (16 min). Watch our Zoom Worship video. And see our choir sing “Precious Lord, Take My Hand.” It’s Esther’s turn to shine out as a woman of faith. It’s a rags-to-riches story of a woman blessed by God. And the same God challenges her to use her blessing to be his method for providing relief and deliverance.

04.26.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Ruth” (Ruth 1:7-10,14-17) (22 min). Zoom Worship in audio. And we launched our virtual choir with a song, “My Savior’s Love.” We turn to Ruth and Naomi to discover some amazing and faithful women in the Bible. Naomi’s faith and Ruth’s character are extraordinary!

04.19.20 “Wonder Women of Faith: Rahab” (Joshua 2:8-11) (21 min). Zoom Worship in audio. We begin a new series this week with a story of Rahab. Why did God send the two spies anyway? And see Rahab speak truth into the frightened spies!

04.12.20 Easter Sunday “Fear on Easter Sunday? No Way!” (Mark 16:1-8) (16 min). Zoom Worship in audio. Christ! He is Risen! Indeed, He is Risen!

04.10.20 Good Friday “Cross Our Hearts: Cross is Salvation” (John 19:16-18, 28-30) (12 min). Zoom worship in audio.

04.05.20 Palm Sunday “Cross Our Hearts: Cross is Celebration” (Matthew 21:1-11) (15 min).

03.29.20 “Cross Our Hearts: Cross is Suffering” (Luke 9:23-26; 23:26) (16 min). During this shutdown, we worshiped via Zoom – listen in audio.

03.08.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Grow” (Luke 2:41-52) (15 min). A practical message about growing in our faith lives by setting proper priorities. A challenge to work on faith together as families. Also, Children’s Sermon by Steve, Choir Anthem & Praise Team.

03.01.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Receive Dreams” (Genesis 37:5-11) (11 min). Communion Sunday short sermon on God’s desire to give us his plans for our future. Also, Children’s Sermon by Giselle, Dr. Lisa’s Missions Report, Choir Anthem & Praise Team.

02.23.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Defeat Goliaths” (1Samuel 17:32-37) (24 min). Taking a fresh look at King Saul and his fear of Goliath, Pastor Jin challenges us to approach facing Goliath in our lives like David, by looking at the Almighty God on our side. Listen to I Am Not Alone by our choir.

02.16.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Hear God’s Voice” (1Samuel 3;1, 4-10) (17 min). Keith Chu preaching. Sermon delves into the story of boy Samuel who heard God’s voice during a time when adults weren’t able to listen to God.

02.09.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Receive Welcome” (Mark 10:13-16) (16 min). The children arrive as Jesus was busy taking care of adults needs. The disciples stopped them. But Jesus welcomed them. Listen to There is Joy in My Heart by our choir & our praise time.

02.02.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! The Greatest Miracle” (John 11:1-6) (18 min). Raising Lazarus from the dead proved to all that Jesus was indeed the divine Son of God. But in the midst of this miracle, there was pain & unanswered prayer. Children’s Sermon by Giselle. And listen to On Eagle’s Wings by our choir & our praise time.

01.26.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Walking on Water is Nothing” (John 6:15-21) (18 min). The disciples are alone in the rough waters, full of fear. Then Jesus appears to them with the most comforting words, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” We need to hear those words as we live in these times. Listen to “You Raise Me Up” by our choir & our praise time.

01.19.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Jesus is More than Food” (John 6:1-15) (12 min). Jesus produced food for the hungry 5,000 with enough to gather up. People wanted Jesus for themselves, but Jesus came with a greater plan.

01.12.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Seeking Healing in the Wrong Places” (John 5:1-9a) (14 min). The Bethesda Pool was falsely rumored to possess healing properties and it deceived many. Jesus entered the scene and turned people’s hopes from the pool to himself who alone possessed the divine power to heal and restore.

01.05.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Wine for All!” (John 2:1-11) (10 min). We begin 2020 with a new sermon series on the miracles of Jesus in John. In Jesus, we have God’s blessing! And our choir anthem.

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