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[Pastor Jin makes extensive use of PowerPoint slides during his preaching – maps, images, photos, etc. which may not translate well when simply listening to the message.]

03.29.20 “Cross My Heart: Cross is Suffering” (Luke 9:23-26; 23:26) (16 min). During this shutdown, we worshiped via Zoom. You can watch our full worship in video or listen in audio.

03.08.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Grow” (Luke 2:41-52) (15 min). A practical message about growing in our faith lives by setting proper priorities. A challenge to work on faith together as families. Also, Children’s Sermon by Steve, Choir Anthem & Praise Team.

03.01.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Receive Dreams” (Genesis 37:5-11) (11 min). Communion Sunday short sermon on God’s desire to give us his plans for our future. Also, Children’s Sermon by Giselle, Dr. Lisa’s Missions Report, Choir Anthem & Praise Team.

02.23.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Defeat Goliaths” (1Samuel 17:32-37) (24 min). Taking a fresh look at King Saul and his fear of Goliath, Pastor Jin challenges us to approach facing Goliath in our lives like David, by looking at the Almighty God on our side. Listen to I Am Not Alone by our choir.

02.16.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Hear God’s Voice” (1Samuel 3;1, 4-10) (17 min). Keith Chu preaching. Sermon delves into the story of boy Samuel who heard God’s voice during a time when adults weren’t able to listen to God.

02.09.20 “Childlike Faith: Children Receive Welcome” (Mark 10:13-16) (16 min). The children arrive as Jesus was busy taking care of adults needs. The disciples stopped them. But Jesus welcomed them. Listen to There is Joy in My Heart by our choir & our praise time.

02.02.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! The Greatest Miracle” (John 11:1-6) (18 min). Raising Lazarus from the dead proved to all that Jesus was indeed the divine Son of God. But in the midst of this miracle, there was pain & unanswered prayer. Children’s Sermon by Giselle. And listen to On Eagle’s Wings by our choir & our praise time.

01.26.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Walking on Water is Nothing” (John 6:15-21) (18 min). The disciples are alone in the rough waters, full of fear. Then Jesus appears to them with the most comforting words, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” We need to hear those words as we live in these times. Listen to “You Raise Me Up” by our choir & our praise time.

01.19.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Jesus is More than Food” (John 6:1-15) (12 min). Jesus produced food for the hungry 5,000 with enough to gather up. People wanted Jesus for themselves, but Jesus came with a greater plan.

01.12.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Seeking Healing in the Wrong Places” (John 5:1-9a) (14 min). The Bethesda Pool was falsely rumored to possess healing properties and it deceived many. Jesus entered the scene and turned people’s hopes from the pool to himself who alone possessed the divine power to heal and restore.

01.05.20 “Miraculous! Jesus! Wine for All!” (John 2:1-11) (10 min). We begin 2020 with a new sermon series on the miracles of Jesus in John. In Jesus, we have God’s blessing! And our choir anthem.

12.29.19 “Our Vision for 2020” (John 13:33-35) (29 min). What is Bethany vision for 2020? How will we better form our faith all seven days of the week in 2020? And our choir anthem.

12.24.19 “Old Christmas Story” (Luke 1:1-20) (23 min). Sermon preached on Christmas Eve Service at Bethany. Pastor Jin recounts the first Christmas story.

12.22.19 “LOVE: God’s Love in Jesus Christ” (Matthew 2:7-12) (12 min). There are deceptive loves of the world and our own selfish loves. But our God showed us true, perfect love in Jesus Christ. Scripture reading by Abigail Yun. Also, children sermon by Emily, and our choir anthem.

12.15.19 “JOY: Shepherds Burst Out in Praise” (Luke 2:15-20) (25 min). Everyone in this story is bursting out in joy – shepherds, angels & Mary. Christmas is about joy. Also listen to our choir’s anthem & Messiah from the pageant. Also added: Michael DelForno & Ellen Pak sings Hallelujah at the pageant.

12.08.19 “PEACE: Shepherds Receive Greater Peace” (Luke 2:8-15) (20 min). Taking lead from the Advent Candles, Pastor Jin looks at how Jesus brought divine peace into a world without peace. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

12.01.19 “HOPE: Waiting for Fulfillment (Luke 2:1-7) (9 min). Shortened Communion Sermon about how Advent Season must begin with a sense of Divine Hope. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

11.24.19 Thanksgiving Testimonial Worship (Philippians 4:6-7; 1Thessalonians 5:16-18). Listen to our Scripture Reading by Sam Pak and the four testimonies: Sun Kiel, Kristina Ahn, Jessica Lee & Corinna Jenkins. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

11.17.19 “Encounter: Zacchaeus” (Luke 19:1-10) (23 min). Pastor Emily shares from the youth sermon series on Encountering Jesus with a look at the story of Zacchaeus and his life changing encounter.

11.10.19 “Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego: Complete Trust” (Daniel 3:12-18) (24 min). Within the book about Daniel, we have a great faith story of his three friends. In it, they showed complete trust in their God. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

11.03.19 “You are Salt” (Matthew 5:13-16) (14 min). Communion shortened sermon. Pastor Jin looks at two important reasons why Jesus called us salt. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

10.27.19 “Two Hopes of Faith” (Hebrews 11:1, 29-38) (24 min). What is faith? And what are the two hopes that faith is linked with? Pastor Jin teaches about right faith and its two hopes.

10.20.19 “Martha and Mary Encounter Jesus (John 11:1-6, 22-35) (18 min). Martha and Mary were very different in their needs. And Jesus came to them and met them as they are. And listen to our choir’s anthem.

10.13.19 “God In Our Midst” (Habakkuk 3:17-19) (28 min). Habakkuk’s political world was similar to ours today. It was chaotic and messy and many people suffered. And so Habakkuk complained, “where are you God?” And God responded. God was already in their midst.

10.06.19 “Soldier, Athlete & Farmer” Part 2 (2Timothy 2:1-7) (12 min). Shortened World Communion Sunday sermon, the focus is on how we are called to serve God rather than the other way around. Children’s message by Pastor Emily here.

09.29.19 “Soldier, Athlete & Farmer” Part 1 (2Timothy 2:1-7) (26 min). First of two parts on Paul’s last words. We look at Paul’s life of unanswered prayers who continued to be full of joy and thanks. The link to the video mentioned in the sermon.

09.22.19 “King Josiah Broke the Mold” (2Kings 22:1-14) (28 min). Comparing and contrasting two kings of Judah, Jehoram and Josiah. Josiah had an evil grandfather and father, yet, he turned out to be one of the best kings! Also discovering the Bible changed his life! Listen to our choir sing!

09.15.19 “Living Lives Worthy of the Lord” (Colossians 1:9-14) (29 min). v.10 is the famous passage dealing with living worthy lives. However, how do you thank God (v.12) when life seems to be so unfair?

09.01.19 “When Problems Come Our Way” (2Chronicles 32:1-8) (26 min). King Hezekiah had a huge problem before him – the vicious and powerful Assyrians were coming to destroy his country. How did he react? Also children’s message by Pastor Emily on this Communion Sunday.

08.25.19 “The Keys to the Kingdom” (Matthew 16:13-20; Acts 14:26-28) (9 min). A partial sermon by Elder Gayle Griffin on what Jesus meant by offering to us the “keys of the kingdom of heaven.”

08.18.19 “Marks of a Christian: Living Like Jesus” (Romans 12:9-18) (28 min). Why did the Jewish religious leaders hate Jesus? They should have been on the same team! And if they were so wrong, then why do we copy their religiosity? What are the true marks of a Christian?

08.11.19 “Adopted God’s Children” (Romans 8:15-17, 31-39) (29 min). Pastor Jin compares the two terms used for salvation by Jesus and Paul. Jesus called it, “Born Again” but Paul called it, “Adoption.”

08.04.19 “Knowing What’s Valuable” (Luke 12:13-21) (14 min). Rev. Barbara Smith asks an important question: What’s most important — what you have, or to whom you belong? Also, children’s message on this Communion Sunday.

07.28.19 “Images of God’s Love (Hosea 11:1-4) (33 min). Chapter 11 of Hosea is a turning point to God’s decision. Before, God was set on moving on from Israel. He was no longer going to love her. However, he changes in mind in this chapter. Why?

07.21.19 “Gospel in Clay Jars” (2 Corinthians 4:3-7) (26 min). The phrase is, “we have this treasure in jars of clay” – the treasure is the gospel, and the jars of clay are the people who are tasked with proclaiming the valuable gospel.

07.14.19 “God Approved Worship” (Amos 4:4-5) (30 min). Pastor Jin adds to the definition of worship as he looks at the critical words God spoke to those who came to worship him. We want to worship God in a way that pleases him.

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