Spiritual Formation

Bible Reading Together

Let’s read the Bible together – a chapter from Old Testament and a chapter from the New Testament, and make it a time to discuss with your family and friends as a way to form our faith. And as always, you can contact Pastor Jin (jobae456@gmail.com) for questions and thoughts.

February 21-27: Read 1 Samuel 16, Psalm 23 & Gospel of Matthew 27

1 Samuel 16

The chapter is titled “David anointed as king.” This is the story of prophet Samuel going to Bethlehem to find and anoint the second king of Israel. This was a risky move because Saul was still in power and he had his own idea on who would replace him.

  • God rejected Saul as the king of Israel. Do you know the story of Saul and why God was disappointed at him?
  • Samuel is led by God to Jesse’s home where his sons are brought to him one at a time. He’s the prophet of God, but even he got it wrong (v.7)! Recount the story and talk about how our human ideas at times differ from God’s ways.
  • Why did David stand out? How is this like the Gospel?

Psalm 23

Perhaps the most famous psalm of all, it’s a beautiful description of the relationship we have with God – our God is the shepherd, and we are his sheep.

  • Which verse or phrase stands out for you? Share that with others.
  • In the midst of the shutdown, perhaps v.4 is most meaningful. How does v.4 speak to you today?
  • For David who knew shepherding, God was his Shepherd. From your own experience, who is God to you?

Gospel of Matthew 27

If Matthew 26 was a dark day in Jesus’ earthly life, then this day was the darkest of days. Back and forth between Jewish leaders and Roman governor, Jesus is beaten and nailed to the cross.

  • Matthew lets us know that the blame for Jesus’ death lies squarely at the feet of the Jewish leaders who tempted Judas with money, threatened Pontius Pilate with rioting, and forced the crowd to turn on Jesus. Is the Gospel open for them as well?
  • Pontius Pilate didn’t want to convict Jesus but was pressured to do so. Talk about a time when peer pressure got the best of you.
  • V.50-51 notes that upon Jesus’ death, the temple curtain was torn into two. Do you know the purpose of the temple curtain and why this was so significant? Talk about it.

February 14-20: Read Ruth 1 & Gospel of Matthew 26

February 7-13: Read Judges 16, 1 Samuel 3 & Gospel of John 17

January 31-February 6: Read Judges 6-7 & Gospel of John 16

January 24-30: Read Joshua 24 & Gospel of John 14 & 15

January 17-23: Read Joshua 7 & Gospel of Mark 14

January 10-16: Read Joshua 6 & Gospel of Mark 12 & 13

January 3-9: Read Joshua 2 & Gospel of Mark 10 & 11

December 27-January 2: Read Deuteronomy 28 & Gospel of Luke 10

December 20-26: Read Deuteronomy 4 & 8, Gospel of Mark 9

December 13-19: Read Numbers 13-14, Gospel of Mark 8

December 6-12: Read Numbers 11, Gospel of Matthew 18 & John 10

November 29-December 5: Read Leviticus 26 and Gospel of Mark 7

November 22-28: Read Exodus 32 and Gospel of John 6

November 15-21: Read Exodus 14 & 20 and Gospel of Luke 15

November 8-14: Read Exodus 3 & 10-11 & Gospel of Luke 18

November 1-7: Read Genesis 45 & Gospel of Luke 12 & 16

October 25-31: Read Genesis 41 & Gospel of Mark 6

October 18-24: Read Genesis 37 & Gospel of Matthew 13

October 11-17: Read Genesis 28 & Gospel of Matthew 5-6

October 4-10: Read Genesis 27 & Gospel of Mark 5

September 27-October 3: Read Genesis 22 & Gospel of Mark 3-4

September 20-26: Read Genesis 15 & 19 & Gospel of John 3

September 13-19: Read Genesis 7-8 & Gospel of Mark 2

September 6-12: Read Genesis 4 & Gospel of Mark 1

Aug 30-Sep 5 [Genesis 2-3 & Gospel of Luke 2]

August 23-29, 2020 [Genesis 1 & Gospel of Luke 1]

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