Spiritual Formation

Bible Reading Together

Let’s read the Bible together – a chapter from Old Testament and a chapter from the New Testament, and make it a time to discuss with your family and friends as a way to form our faith. And as always, you can contact Pastor Jin (jobae456@gmail.com) for questions and thoughts.

January 10-16: Read Joshua 6 & Gospel of Mark 12 & 13

Joshua 6

The story of Jericho ends with the crashing down of their doubled walls. Human achievement came crashing down by a simple act of God. But it required faith by the Israelites.

  • The whole story of the fall of Jericho is awkward. If the pastor called on the church members to do what God commanded them to do, would the church do it? Would the pastor ask that of them? And would the members obey? Walk around the wall six days with trumpets blasting. And then on the seventh day, walk around seven times. And after a few days of embarrassing march, there’s nothing? Are people dropping out? Are there complaints?
  • Why do you think the whole city with all its people were destroyed? It’s quite vicious command of God. Why would the loving God command it?

Gospel of Mark 12

It’s the Passover festival in the city of Jerusalem and people from everywhere have gathered. In their midst is Jesus. Confronted and challenged by the Jewish leaders, Jesus is unshakable.

  • The parable of the Wicked Tenants is an attack against the Jewish leaders. Who do the characters represent (owner who planted the vineyard; tenants; slaves; beloved son), and what’s the teaching?
  • As Christians, we pay our taxes and we bring offering to God (vv.13-17). In those days, the issue was their willingness to pay taxes to the Roman government. They had no problem with bringing offering to God. In our days, I think the issue is turned around. We pay our taxes well, but we may struggle with our offering with God. What’s Jesus’ response to that?
  • The most important commandment is mentioned again in vv.28-34. Among all the commands of God, what is the most important? How is our loving toward God and toward others? The Good Samaritan story comes to mind.

Gospel of Mark 13

This chapter is difficult to understand because Jesus talks about the coming destruction of Jerusalem (that actually happened between AD 66-70), and he links that with the end times.

  • At the beginning of the week, Jesus entered the Temple to cleanse it. This time, he speaks about its destruction. The Temple itself is nothing because the faithful will continue to proclaim the good news to all (v.10), and the world will continue to attack the church (v.9f). What is the Temple then?
  • The violent images of suffering and destruction is contrasted with the glorious picture of Jesus returning with great power and glory (vv.26-27). In the end, we win! Compare this with a football game. But the important point in all of this is that God could prevent suffering and destruction, but he doesn’t. It’s the sifting of the grain, purifying our faith. How is your faith during this time of shutdown?

January 3-9: Read Joshua 2 & Gospel of Mark 10 & 11

December 27-January 2: Read Deuteronomy 28 & Gospel of Luke 10

December 20-26: Read Deuteronomy 4 & 8, Gospel of Mark 9

December 13-19: Read Numbers 13-14, Gospel of Mark 8

December 6-12: Read Numbers 11, Gospel of Matthew 18 & John 10

November 29-December 5: Read Leviticus 26 and Gospel of Mark 7

November 22-28: Read Exodus 32 and Gospel of John 6

November 15-21: Read Exodus 14 & 20 and Gospel of Luke 15

November 8-14: Read Exodus 3 & 10-11 & Gospel of Luke 18

November 1-7: Read Genesis 45 & Gospel of Luke 12 & 16

October 25-31: Read Genesis 41 & Gospel of Mark 6

October 18-24: Read Genesis 37 & Gospel of Matthew 13

October 11-17: Read Genesis 28 & Gospel of Matthew 5-6

October 4-10: Read Genesis 27 & Gospel of Mark 5

September 27-October 3: Read Genesis 22 & Gospel of Mark 3-4

September 20-26: Read Genesis 15 & 19 & Gospel of John 3

September 13-19: Read Genesis 7-8 & Gospel of Mark 2

September 6-12: Read Genesis 4 & Gospel of Mark 1

Aug 30-Sep 5 [Genesis 2-3 & Gospel of Luke 2]

August 23-29, 2020 [Genesis 1 & Gospel of Luke 1]

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