Spiritual Formation

Bible Reading Together

Let’s read the Bible together – a chapter from Old Testament and a chapter from the New Testament, and make it a time to discuss with your family and friends as a way to form our faith. And as always, you can contact Pastor Jin (jobae456@gmail.com) for questions and thoughts.

November 22-28: Read Exodus 32 and Gospel of John 6

Exodus 32

While Moses was away to meet with God, the Hebrews gathered around and went back to their own ways and to their own Egyptian deity. God’s anger and Moses’ intercession are in full display.

  • Read again what the Hebrews did and why they did what they did in turning against God. Reflecting on the actions of the Hebrews, how are we different? And how are we the same?
  • How does Moses intercede for his people? Read his argument that convinced God to relent. If God’s anger was a test for Moses as a new leader of God’s people, what grade would you give to him?
  • Aaron offered up an excuse to their bad behavior, and to his support of them (v.21-24). It’s laughable. He was making an excuse that was simply false. What should Aaron have done when he was confronted? Think of a time when something similar happened in your life – to you or to someone you know.

Gospel of John 6

All four Gospels contain the “Feeding of the 5,000” miracle story. However, in John, we get a glimpse of the hearts of the people that experienced the miracle that day.

  • The people who ate the miraculous food exclaimed, “This is indeed the prophet who is to come into the world” (v.14). “Prophet” was another title given to the expected Messiah, and so they got that right. However, Jesus is upset at them (v.15). Why?
  • The story of the people chasing after Jesus after the miraculous feeding continues in v.22. The people are looking for Jesus, but they are focusing on the wrong thing. What do they want with Jesus, and what does Jesus want from them (v.26f)?
  • What did Jesus mean when he proclaimed, “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty”? Explain this statement like you would speak to a child.

November 15-21: Read Exodus 14 & 20 and Gospel of Luke 15

November 8-14: Read Exodus 3 & 10-11 & Gospel of Luke 18

November 1-7: Read Genesis 45 & Gospel of Luke 12 & 16

October 25-31: Read Genesis 41 & Gospel of Mark 6

October 18-24: Read Genesis 37 & Gospel of Matthew 13

October 11-17: Read Genesis 28 & Gospel of Matthew 5-6

October 4-10: Read Genesis 27 & Gospel of Mark 5

September 27-October 3: Read Genesis 22 & Gospel of Mark 3-4

September 20-26: Read Genesis 15 & 19 & Gospel of John 3

September 13-19: Read Genesis 7-8 & Gospel of Mark 2

September 6-12: Read Genesis 4 & Gospel of Mark 1

Aug 30-Sep 5 [Genesis 2-3 & Gospel of Luke 2]

August 23-29, 2020 [Genesis 1 & Gospel of Luke 1]

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