Can I bring my children to worship?

We love children at Bethany! We have a full time pastoral staff just for our education department because we believe they are precious and important to God. And so you can expect them to participate in weekly Sunday Schools after worship and a regular contact by our pastor and regular programs to encourage spiritual growth for your children.


Is it possible to visit Bethany and not be a member of the church?

At Bethany, we believe that membership is never a requirement to worship God. We want to reflect Jesus in all ways, and that includes the freedom to come and worship by any and all people. If you choose to be a member at a later time, we will gladly welcome it, but we will never insist upon it.


Can I take communion at Bethany?

Communion is a sacred event in which Jesus invites all who profess him as their personal Savior and Lord. And so here at Bethany, you don’t have to be a member or attend a special class before you can participate with us. It’s open to all Christians.


Can my child to be baptized?

At Bethany, we baptize infants of those whose parent is a Christian. We usually baptize on Easter and Thanksgiving Sundays. And so if you’d like for your infant or child, to be baptized, you can ask one of the pastors and we can guide you through the process. And it’s simple – the parent will go through the infant baptism class and then get baptized during a designated Sunday worship.


Isn’t Bethany an Asian Church?

It’s true that the pastoral staff is Asian American, however, our members and visitors reflect the variety of ethnicities and cultures, and we value our commitment to multi-cultural community. We think that once you visit us, you will see how multi-cultural we are, and you will feel comfortable right away!

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